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IPM2 Portable
IPM2 Portable

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LPA - Linear Power Amp Products

The LPA8V0 and LPA9V0 are L-band and S-band PAs respectively. These PAs can be used in simplex  digital or analog systems to "boost"  the RF power output and increase a system's operational range. Both units are capable of providing 1 Watt of RF power with good linearity.

DDC - Dual Downconvertor Products

The DDC2V0 (L-band) and DDC4V0 (S-band) are dual-downconvertors. The function of these products is to take an L-band or S-band RF input signal and covert it to UHF frequency (300-600MHz) which is then fed to a TV tuner-type COFDM demodulator. These downconvertors are suitable for use with 3rd party COFDM simplex systems.






The units are plug-and-play so when powered the units will automatically connect to form a simple mesh network.  If the link quality deteriorates, adaptive modulation ensures that the best achievable data rate and range is maintained.

Our system configuration tool allows remote viewing and management of all devices in the network.

These products use COFDM modulation techniques to provide multi-megabit data throughputs and are capable of wirelessly transferring digital video over NLOS paths. These full duplex IP radios allow multiple streams in either direction and for self-forming, ad-hoc mesh networks to to be established and provide the user with NLOS operation in challenging environments.

Each unit is a transceiver so will transmit and receive data sequenced by a token-based TDMA protocol. This allows units to form duplex links with other units in the same network. Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and repeater configurations are supported. Connection to the internet or private IP network is through a standard RJ-45 Ethernet connector.  Megapixel IP cameras can be simply directly connected to the IPM2 units via the RJ-45 ethernet connector.


These units are not 802.11-based so do not suffer from the "hidden node" and protocol legacy issues associated with the 802.11 standard.The units operate in the L-band (1150-1400MHz), and as they meet the requirements of EN302-064 they can be used for wireless video links on the UK unlicenced 1394MHz band.




IPM2 System Configurator

The IPM2 configurator is a Windows application, which can be used to configure and manage the COFDM IPM2 devices remotely. A network connection to one 'local' device allows all other 'remote' devices to be viewed and securely configured over-the-air. The tool searches for linked IPM2 devices and builds a topology map of all directly and indirectly visible devices. Detailed information is also extracted and displayed in tabular and textual formats. Selected IPM2 devices can then be configured to set security features and modify key operating parameters.


System Configurator

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